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Meeting Date: 12/16/2015 


The Police Department requests approval to purchase two boat engines for the Marine Unit.



Staff recommends approval to purchase two boat engines for the Police Department Marine Unit.

Originating Dept Police  Costs $45,165.22 
User Dept.Police Funding SourceBudget Account Number 001-0817-521-0-4605
AdvertisedNo Budget Account NumberBudget Account Number 001-0817-521-0-4605
Affected PartiesNot Required   


In November 2006, the City Council authorized the purchase of a 31 foot Contender Patrol Boat for the Police Department’s Marine Unit (Resolution 165-06).   The boat came equipped with two 2006 Yamaha four-stroke engines.  The manufacturer's warranty has expired on the engines, which now have in excess of 3,000 hours of use.  One of the engines has already required significant repairs.  It is recommended and is customary to replace marine engines that are used commercially upon expiration of all warranties. According to Yamaha, 1000 hours on a marine engine is equivalent to 100,000 miles on a motor vehicle.  Due to the boat being used for Law Enforcement and Rescue Operations, the Department recommends replacement of both engines.   The Police Department met with Purchasing and Finance to review all options, and it was determined that the most cost effective option was to replace the engines and keep the existing hull, which is in good condition.


Staff solicited proposals for the two replacement Yamaha engines to include all installation and rigging. The proposals also provided for the trade-in value of the existing engines.  Staff proposes to purchase two replacement Yamaha four stroke engines from Boathouse Marine Superstore, who is a local vendor and the lowest responsive bidder.  The Police Department stores the Police Boat on a lift at the City Marina, therefore, the local vendors provide trailering of the boat to and from the repair facility at no cost.  


The Police Department currently staffs a full-time Marine Unit to address Law Enforcement matters on the local waterways.  The City has a very high level of boat traffic throughout our waterways, including the Port of Palm Beach, which is the fourth busiest container port in Florida.  Peanut Island, Riviera Beach Marina, Sailfish Marina, and Phil Foster Park are popular destinations, and they contribute to a large number of recreational boaters on our waterways.   A "Manatee Zone" is also present in our jurisdiction.


The replacement of the two engines would allow the Department’s Marine Unit to continue to provide a high level of Police service on the local waterways.


Fiscal Years2016
Capital Expenditures$45,165.22
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